Saturday, October 2, 2010

Windows7ako Meetup last Sept 30, 2010

It was rainy Thursday afternoon, I leave our house and went to Microsoft Office at Ayala to attend a IE9 developers briefing and of course Windows7Ako Meetup.

It was a huge party again (even it raining outside the metro). The party proper starts with smooth flow, even  without an third party event organisers hire by windows7ako.  With the help of El Presidente, CRA, Rory, (sino pa kasama?) basta huwag kayong magagalit kung hindi ko na mention names ninyo.

The event was started with showcase of upcoming Microsoft internet browser, "Internet Explorer 9" beta. Satok sa afternoon session with Anj Garong of Microsoft Student Partner.

With lot of games, prizes and over flowing food (dami talaga), over flowing iced tea and major major daming light beers. Naka 4 na bottle ata ako ng beer.

I leave at the MS office at 8pm because I have a work at night. Hindi naman ko lasing, satok lang.

I like to congratulate  to windows7ako team for another successful meetup.

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