Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mixology seminar at GSM Blueniversity

Last Friday night (June 17, 2011), my friends and yours truly when a unique event at Makati City.  I thought that I can’t make on time due to traffic in J.P Rizal St.  I was arrived on venue around 7pm.
GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 151
But the seminar not yet started because some bloggers on yet present, huge traffic in Makati, “Grabe"
Any way, we attended Mixology seminar at GSM Blueniversity. Thank you to Jeman Villanueva of for having us an RSVP on the event. The said event was held at Capone's Bar in A.Venue Mall, Makati City
We met old and new bloggers like Ate Lariza of, Jason Biadog of, Jonel Uy, the man behind , Jeman Villanueva of who confirmed our RSVP for this event, and of course a lot bloggers.
Since the event not yet start, I take some pictures on their product first. they have alcohol and non-alcohol products:
The event was started a dinner, delicious and health food was served on us. After  that an short introduction on GSM Blueniversity and Flair Idol. while passing through GSM blue with mix of juice
The guest speakers were from the Flair Idol winners. 1st runner-up Professional Division, GSM Flair Idol 2007, Mr. Derick De Borja and Champion, Professional Division, GSM Flair Idol 2007, not other than Mr. Erwyn Unigo.
Did you know the best seller cocktails is Martini, Why? Over the years, the martini has become one of the best-known mixed alcoholic beverages because slowly to drink by socialites, And because of that, Hahaha, that’s is a trivia, and because of that, I won a Flair Idol T-shirt.  hhahha ( pabilisan lang magtaas ng kamay beh) .
GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 268
From left to right: Mr. Erwyn Unigo ,Orlee Pasion (that’s me), and Mr. Derick De Borja
The 2 speakers thought us how to make a proper mixing on a cocktail or a drink.
Erwin demo how to mix a cocktail. Of course need a audience participation. So shake it baby.
GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 10GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 11GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 17
The games. Cocktail Mixing Challenge. 3 bloggers bravely accepted the challenge.
GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 254GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 256GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 240GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 237GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 258GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 262
Drinking Marathon Event. Winner will get a title holder “Toma cumlaude”  Grabe, malakas pala tomoma itong mga ito eh.
GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 68GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 305GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 308GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 70GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 73GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 74
The “Toma Cum Laude” was Mommy Lariza, (hahaha best of the best talaga) and awarded by Dean Jayce Perlas , GSM Blueniversity
GSM Blueniversity Mixology Seminar 350
After the seminar 101. We received our Diploma of Attendance. The GSM Blueniversity Dean Mr. Jayce C. Perlas distributed the certificates to all bloggers attended. ( Graduation Hymm)
Bloggers enjoyed the night with lots games and fun.  Thank you GSM Blue! 
We learned a lot on mixing alcohol drinks.
G.S.M. BLUE is a 65 proof, sugar cane alcohol with essences of juniper berries and other botanicals. Its smooth, sweet tastes give drinkers a “light-on-the-chest” feeling without hangover. Best recommended in mixed drinks, G.S.M. BLUE will surely spice up any party, any time with your friends.
Current endorser is actress/host, Ms. Anne Curtis.
Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.
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