Friday, August 12, 2011

Hey let's look for AGA!! #nasaansiaga

Hey let's look for AGA!! #nasaansiaga

With Pinoy Explorer on TV5, you can be sure to find where Aga is, but the fun doesn't stop there! Users can actually win prizes by registering on the official website, as well as tweeting with the hashtag #nasaansiaga or even guessing where Aga is going via SMS. At stake for this awesome adventure is an iPad 2 to be raffled off via Twitter and an Asian Trip for 2 raffled off via the SMS promo.

The biggest clue can be found in the mosaic on, where the profile pictures of all the people who Tweet using the #nasaansiaga hashtag will end up being part of the hint to where Aga's next destinantion will be. It's mind-blowing, and you just have to see it for yourself!

Share this message, and help break the code to discover kung nasaan si Aga!

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