Saturday, August 6, 2011

i-Play i-Learn Hub by Vibal Publishing House

DSC_0644Vibal Publishing House, Inc. launched an interactive learning hub at the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center at SM Mall of Asia last August 1, 2011. The i-Play i-Learn Hub showcases the innovations of Vibal in creating and delivering content and systems for better experiences in teaching and learning.



The i-Play i-Learn Hub is an offshoot of the Vibal Digital campaign - the integration of e-learning content enrichment for the various subject areas through the microsites i-Teach for teachers, i-Learn for students and i-Guide for parents.  These interactive content, plus the storybook and serious game apps also developed by Vibal, give learners today a different level of educational experience.

Vibal i-Play i-Learn is an interactive hub where children can also explore different modes of learning through play. Kids will be engaged  with these hub features:

Interactive exercises on touch screen PCs. Kids learn concepts and lessons by playing games, drills or quizzes on their favorite subjects using their fingers.

Storybook apps on iPad and Android tablets. Children are engaged with versions of their favorite Chikiting Books, the Vibal children books line. These storybook apps are also bundled with games and exercises that reinforce the child’s understanding.

Information and Photo Booth. Kids can take pictures of themselves and share them with friends online while learning about exciting careers in science and technology.

Electronic and Traditional Library. The hub is also a library. Visitors can flip through pages and read traditional printed books and magazines on science, technology, history, literature and other subjects; or browse the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) information kiosk called “Starbooks” which contain thousands of articles, journals and digitalized resources in various formats.


The Vibal i-Play i-Learn Hub is located at the second floor of the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center and is open from 10AM to 8AM on weekday and 10AM to 10PM on weekends.



Thanks to Vibal Publishing House Inc. for the invitations and headsup. Also Thanks to Myke Romero of Adventure of Myke Rome and John Remir Cueto Tech Update of  for providing me the photos.

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