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Android - A glimpse on the future of mobility by

1st Android Glimpse to the future of mobility - PartyTreasuresLast September 24,  Adventures of Don Juan Quixote attended an awesome Android event held at University of Makati - Main theater. Despite I don't have enough sleep due to night shift work, I went to my Alma Mater without hesitation.  Why? simple I want to learn and learn and know what is android technology all about.The title of the event was “Android: A glimpse on the future of mobility” organized by in cooperation with Computer Society, a student – oriented organization under the College of Computer Science and in partnership with Smart Communications Inc and Techgeist Inc., 
What is an android? Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google. A free or open source software to develop mobile application with zero cost for inspired mobile app developers. Android software development is the process by which new applications are created for the Android operating system. Applications are usually developed in the Java programming language using the Android Software Development Kit, but other development tools are available. As of April 2011 more than 200,000 applications have been developed for Android, with over 3 billion downloads. The Android platform has also grown to become a favorite among mobile developers. A June 2011 research indicated that over 67% of mobile developers used the platform, at the time of publication.   And now, It’s a elective curriculum at University of Makati.
The introduction of the android event was conducted by Mr. Ragde Falcis, a Computer Science faculty member, co-founder of and android professor in University of Makati.
“Basically what we doing here is to empower the mobile ecosystem, as we all know that all of us are more onto application development, we are all here to enhanced our skills and have advance knowledge to mobile development”
More than 800 participants were registered and majority of attendees were college students from different schools. JuANDROID invited three rock stars android enthusiasts and two business development Manager(android related) share their experiences and knowledge about Google android technology. 
Alexei Rivera of also a tech blogger, speak on showcase and reviews of Android devices.  also he discussion on what are advantages and disadvantages of android devices. Chaco Nugiud, a Java, Android trainer and writer for talks on Android Development. Wow, even a netbook can do for developing an android app. Anne Olvido, a technical business analyst, discuss on improving user interface aesthetics in android apps.  Edmon Jason, a product development manager at SMART communications, Inc. talk on Introduction of Smart Netphones.  Mr. Cardino Yee, a business development, owner of Techgeist, Inc. and co-founder of discussed on JuANDROID’s role in the Android ecosystem.
Aside from Android sessions, The organizers prepared for a special treats to all of us attendees. Each after the session, the organizers inserted a twist, an entertainment segment, there were a dance number, singing talent show, magic show plus mind reading with Mental assassin himself , Justin Pinon. (Going mental @ )and my favorite part, the raffle. They raffled-up two android phone. This was sponsored by SMART Communications. It was an awesome event and my first ever android event experience. Congratulations to the JuANDROID Organization for this great Android event.

JuANDROID Certificate of Attendance.
juandroid certificate
About JuANDROID. Org
JuANDROID. Organization is an online community for Android development made for Filipino developers. One of JuAndroid’s visions is to materialize the idea that as a mobile apps developer, local developers can still have a way to showcase their knowledge and skill sets while staying at their homeland. visit there website at
Also thanks to Mr. Antonio “Tony Boy” Martinez of Phil IT Org for the digital camera and Party Treasures Souvenir for photo booth.

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