Thursday, September 22, 2011

Introducing VMware Workstation 8

Adventures of Don Juan Quixote received this announcement thru his corporate email last night. Ok let's see what's new on VMWare Workstation 8.

VMware Workstation 8 is your on-ramp to the cloud. With over 50 new features, it’s going to dramatically change the way you work with virtual machines. Save time, enhance collaboration, and do more than you ever thought possible with a PC

With over fifty new features, it's going to dramatically change the way you work with virtual machines. Let's take a quick look at what you can do.

Remotely connect to VMware vSphere® and VMware vCenter™ to access remote virtual machines. Leverage not only your local PC but the internal cloud.

Move to the internal cloud. Build and test your virtual machines locally and then drag and drop to upload them directly to VMware vSphere.

Run as a server to host applications for your team, department, or anyone in your organization with enterprise caliber control over user access.

Run the most demanding applications in a virtual machines with 8 virtual processors or 8 virtual cores, 2 TB virtual disks and up to 64 GB of memory per virtual machine.

With these and many other exciting new features, VMware Workstation 8 is your on ramp to the cloud. Do more than you ever thought possible. Share, upload, and remotely connect to virtual machines all from one place.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Workstation8-Connectivity-tnVMware Workstation provides a seamless way to access all of the virtual machines you need, regardless of where they are running.   Connect to Server enables remote connections to virtual machines running on VMware Workstation, VMware vSphere, and VMware vCenter.  Now you can work with local and server hosted virtual machines side by side within the same interface.  You are no longer constrained by the power of your PC to run multiple virtual machines at the same time.

Share the Benefits

Workstation8-ShareWizard-tnSharing a virtual machine is quickest way to share and test applications with your team in a more production like environment. Run VMware Workstation as a server to share virtual machines with your teammates, department, or organization. VMware Workstation provides enterprise caliber control over user access.

New UI, New Way to Work

Workstation8-Windows7-tnSo you can seamlessly work in a connected workspace, VMware Workstation’s user interface has been completely revamped with simplified menus, live thumbnails, improved preferences screens, and a new virtual machine library. The new virtual machine library lists all of your virtual machines and allows you to search for them, whether they are running on your PC, a vSphere server, or team member’s copy of VMware Workstation.


Unleash the Power of Your PC

Workstation8-8-CPUs-tnVMware Workstation takes advantage of the latest hardware to replicate server and desktop environments. Create virtual machines with up to 64GB of RAM with significantly improved virtual SMP performance. And now for those times when you need it, virtual VT enables you to run 64-bit nested virtual machines. Additional improvements include improved NAT performance and support for HD audio, SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) and Bluetooth.


From PC to Datacenter

Workstation8-UploadToESXi-tnSimply drag and drop a virtual machine to move it from your PC to a VMware vSphere server. It’s the easiest way to deploy a complete application environment from your PC to a server for further testing, demoing, or analysis


VMware Workstation 8. Now Available for only  $199

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