Thursday, October 27, 2011

Keeping cool, the healthy way with Carrier

When it comes to air conditioning, today’s health-conscious consumers want and need much more than just a cooling product; they want a cooling solution, one that not only provides efficient and unparalleled cooling. More importantly, they want an air conditioner that contributes to wellness, and improves not just their level of comfort, but their quality of life.

Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company, the country’s trusted name in air conditioning, has answered the call for healthy cooling with the Carrier Designer Series, i-Cool and Xpower models, the best air conditioners in their class with state of the art air filtering systems.

“With our cooling solutions, we make it a point to go beyond just cooling people’s spaces,” remarks Jojo Concepcion, CEO of Concepcion-Carrier. “We want to give them an amazing experience, one that involves not just cool comfort, but their health and wellness as well, and that is our motivation behind these remarkable air conditioners”.

Carrier Designer Series and i-Cool: best in class 8-in-1 filter system

The Carrier Designer Series and Carrier i-Cool are two of the most acclaimed models in Carrier’s Window Room Air Conditioner line, with their amazing set of cooling and energy-saving features. But what puts these WRACs in a league of their own is a special 8-in-1 air filter system that’s the best in its class. This filter can trap harmful fungi and dust particles, filter out smoke and odors, kill viruses, and neutralize free radicals that can harm the skin.

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